EZ-Kicker Features
  • 4-in-1 Punt, Placekick, Bad Snaps and Kickoff Training Sports Product
  • Bettter Development in your Kicking and Punting Technique
  • Practice your Kicking, Punting and Bad Ground Snaps in a small area
  • More repititions in kicking, Punting, and Bad Ground Snaps in a less period of time
  • Complete workout in Field Goal Training without using Field Goal Posts
  • Increase hand-eye coordination with Bad Snaps
  • Improve your Footwork with Bad Ground Snaps
EZ-Kicker Indoor Use

The EZ Kicker is not just essential for outdoor use, but is designed to be used indoors such as an indoor facility, field house, gym, or a large garage. The EZ Kicker is great for those people who live in the areas where it rains and snows for more than half the year. When it is crunch time and you need to practice for the upcoming kicking camps, tryouts, or combines and you can’t get outside.

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EZ-Kicker Testimonial

Chris Sailer- ALL-American UCLA, Nation wide Kicking Coach
"The EZ Kicker is a great product for practicing your skills and techniques. It is an outstanding muscle memory tool."

Rian Lindell - Buffalo Bills Kicker
"Being a professional kicker for the Buffalo Bills, the EZ Kicker allows me to train outdoors and indoors, especially when its cold to maintain and improve my kicking technique"

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