Punting The EZ Kicker is perfect for developing punting skills. Practice your punting technique in an EZ fashionable way. Professionals or kids can punt in the comfort of their own backyards.
Field Goals
Field Goals The EZ Kicker is a complete workout in field goal training without using field goal posts. Set the EZ Kicker up with a field goal holder or by yourself and practice your skills by kicking straight, left, or right.
Kickoffs It's kickoff time and the EZ Kicker will assist you in quick development on your kickoff technique. Put the EZ Kicker on a tee and blast away improving your kickoff skills.
Bad Snap Ground Drills
Bad Snap Ground Drills Increase your hand-eye coordination by focusing on the EZ Kicker tumble. Improve your footwork by moving side to side, scooping, and recovering bad snaps.
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