About the EZ Kicker

The EZ Kicker is a well developed training product used for improving ones kicking and punting skills. It was designed with a 16 foot elastic cord to able the kicker to critique his kick in flight. The 16 foot elastic cord was also designed small enough so you can practice your technique or just have fun in your own backyard.

The EZ kicker has two rotating clips attached to both sides of the elastic cord so the cord does not become tangled when the football is in flight. The durable football was designed with a web cloth that is stitched around the laces allowing zero interference with the different styles of kicking and punting. The EZ Kicker football is light weight and very EZ to handle. Its size can be used for all ages from kids to professionals.

The aluminum clips that attach the ball to the cord can be taken off so you can punt or kick freely to see the progress you have made by practicing your technique with the EZ Kicker. You can also detach the ball from the elastic cord to throw and play catch.

The stake that the EZ Kicker is attached to is extremely durable and can go into all grass or dirt surfaces. Once placed into the ground the stake will not come out at any point of your kicking or punting session.

Purpose of The EZ Kicker

The EZ Kicker football was designed to improve your technique and skills in your own backyard. The EZ Kicker is a 4-in-1 punt, placekick, and kickoff training sports product. This sport product was also designed for bad snap ground drills just by simply throwing the ball straight, left, or right and moving your body in front of the football to receive the ball like a bad snap. The bad snap ground drills also improve your footwork by moving side to side, at the same time developing your hand-eye coordination. It is almost impossible to do bad snap drills when you are training alone. These bad snap ground drills can be performed in a very small area such as a small backyard.

The EZ Kicker was specially made to allow you to practice your technique over and over again in a small area as the ball comes back to you. You wont have to waste your training time running down the field retrieving your ball after every kick.

The EZ Kicker allows you to warm up before practice or a big game. This product gives you more repetitions in a smaller period of time so you can learn at a faster pace how to punt a spiral, kick straight, and recover bad snaps.

The EZ Kicker is so much fun and so EZ to use that all ages will improve there skills and enjoy going outside to have some fun in the sun while kicking a football. If you didn't know that you liked to kick or have the skills to kick, the EZ kicker will help you realize your potential in kicking a football. It is so fun and EZ to use you will forget your even training.

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