How the Pros get it done

“Basically in order for me to feel relaxed and therefore confident on Sundays I have to know that what I did during the week and preceding months gives me every possible chance to be successful.  I feel I need to deserve to play well, and when I do I have a much more positive outlook on the game and how it will turn out. 

I realize that somewhere down the line odds are there will be a miss, and though that's frustrating and disappointing, I can still feel positive knowing that I did all I could and that the odds just caught up with me.  This makes it much easier moving on to the next play.  I think it's important to have a form or a base to get back to.  Kicking can have a lot of moving parts and while I try not to be too technical I still have some basic things I do that I feel make me successful.  When I'm not having a good day I have other means to focus and train that helps me get out of my frustration or hardships of that kicking day as opposed to trying a ton of different quick fixes on the fly. You can literally sit back and implement other styles to try and fix your problem but in the long run it will hurt you. I try and stick to basics and if it’s a bad day I just relax, and stick to what I know and maybe sometimes I just move on and think about what I need to do the next day.

One of my favorite drills during the week is a mock game.  Though it's just the snapper, holder, special teams coach and me, I still get the feeling of relaxing on the bench for a bit and then warming up and hearing the coaches’ voice call for field goal.  Then I jog out to get my spot and go through the whole motion of the kick at game speed.  I only get through about 3-4 of these every Thursday, but they are by far my most important drill of the week for me.  So come game day it really feels just like practice, regardless of the situation.”

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